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Exploration Guide

Sun Sep 27, 2015, 8:22 PM

What is Exploration?

Exploration is the function of searching the island for items. 
The overall concept of it is to explore a biome, find items which you can use to better your Isomara's life (and your experience in this ARPG). 

Exploring the Beach by SlayersStronghold

How Does it Work?

    You will need to draw/write about your Isomara(s) exploring a biome. Using the picture above as an example. Slayer is drawn exploring the beach biome. When drawing an exploration picture there needs to be a background to show what biome they are in. The picture needs to be neat. Color/Shading is not required, but the Isomara and biome need to be identifiable. 
This is important as different biomes hold different items to find. One thing you see in the picture above is Slayer holding a Coconut. Although Slayer is drawn with one this does not mean they will find one automatically upon exploring. 
Explorations can be digital or traditional.

You may write about your Isomara exploring, but it needs to be at least 500 words long. Make to write about what biome you are exploring in.

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

    The items you find are randomly generated by a hand-coded item generator made by SirPacings. The generator will pop out what items you find as well as how many of each item. The items in each biome have rarities, so some are more commonly found than others. This means you may have to do multiple explorations in one biome to find the items you want. This generator is solely for the staff. IsomaraIndex will be the one to comment on your art and literature with the items your Isomara found.

    Once the items have been revealed you, the player, will need to create an inventory tracker. It should look a little something like this - Isomara Inventory Example

What can I do with These Items?

    The items you find on your explorations can be used to craft various other items as well as benefit your Isomara. You can also trade items with other members as well as the shopkeeper NPC, Pacings, he will gladly trade items you have for other items. As well as trading you can sell items for seashells. 
    The main focus on these items is for your Isomara to own materials to use in the creation of other items and accessories to use in the ARPG. The items you find may also be important for events.
    One of the core uses for some items is to keep your Isomara(s) well fed. Some items can be used as food and will raise your Isomara's hunger.

Where can I Explore?

    This is the map to Isomara-Island and the places listed in the key are where you can explore in. 
    You cannot explore in Isomara civilizations as they are not biomes.

Isomara Island Map by SlayersStronghold

    One other exception is Goom infected islands off the coast. Isomara may not explore there unless there is an event journal saying they can.
    Goom mainly live there and to keep their ecosystem stable and lively. They wish that Isomara not live there and take bunches of items from there. 
    Goom allow Isomara there every so often to explore, so be on the lookout for events. 

When submitting an exploration to Isomara-Island make sure to fill out this form in the description.

          Location: [Biome]
          Isomara: [List all Isos and NPCs in exploration]
          Goom: [List all if any present]

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

List of Items Found in Each Biome:


Rarity: COMMON
Seashells                Eggshells                Feathers                    Kelp                    Sand

Driftwood                    Coral                    Teeth                    Coconut
Driftwood by IsomaraIndex Coral by IsomaraIndex Tooth by IsomaraIndex Coconut by IsomaraIndex

Rarity: RARE
Goo                 Sand Dollars
Goo by IsomaraIndex Sand Dollar by IsomaraIndex

Plain Gray Divider by neripixu

Item F.A.Q.

Q. Will there be other items added later?
A. Yes, there are plans to release more items which you can find.

Q. Will the shop sell all these items?
A. Yes and no, the shop is stocked with only the items Pacings has. Meaning he has to explore for items to stock his shop.

Q. Who drew these lovely items?
A. SlayersStronghold and Windup-Trousle ! Didn't they do amazingly!

Isomara Group Directory

Isomaras are part of an ARPG! An ARPG is an Art Roleplaying Game. Check out the group for more information!

Last Updated: May 6th, 2016
Edit: 6/13 Added a journal skin and blockquote. LOOK HOW PRETTY IT LOOKS!
Edit: 5/6: Seaweed has been renamed to Kelp and the mysterious Dragon Fruit has been added (Click it to read it's info)
Edit: 1/7: The list of only NPC found items has been released and our crafting list is finished, so we can now work on release Pacing's shop! Of course all the items need to be drawn and there are other things that need to be done first, so it is still going to take time.
Edit: 11/12: More items pictures have been added. Once finished Pacings' shop will be worked on as well as a crafting system. 
Edit 10/15: Added more pictures to items; Changed Oysters to Scallops as I like scallops more and didn't want to draw an oyster.
Edit 9/25: Added that you can write or draw for exploring

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